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Advanced Skincare

We offer a range of advanced treatments to help you with acne, scaring, stretchmarks, ageing and more.

Holistic Facials 

Eve Taylor OBE started her career in the beauty industry as a beauty therapist and quickly became fascinated by a treatment that was originally created thousands of years ago by ancient therapists in both China & Egypt called Aromatherapy. The use of pure essential oils fascinated Eve Taylor. So after years of study, practice and experience she decided to develop her own range of pre-blended aromatherapy oils along with specific treatment methods and techniques. Eve’s aromatherapy techniques (Clinical Aromatherapy) have been adopted by many as the original industry standard for professional aromatherapy and are currently taught extensively throughout the world.

Her original aromatherapy blends still provide both professional therapists and their clients’ with outstanding results keeping demand high around the globe. Aromatherapy is the practical use of pure essential oils. Essential oils have both an aromatic benefit from the plant but the oils also have such fantastic therapeutic properties that nature has given us to create some truly amazing products.

Apart from a great aroma and amazing sensory triggers, essential oils also have the ability to help restore balance. Essential oils can come from many parts of plants such as roots, bark, flowers or seeds. Each essential oil has multiple properties, each has the ability to HYDRATE, DETOXINATE and OXYGENATE the skin, as a result essential oils are great to use and formulate into both skin and body care.

More from Eve Taylor…

'We thoroughly research our formulations as all of our products are developed specifically with a view to use by the professional beauty therapist who can then recommend with confidence - the correct products to be used by their client for homecare use. In the last 50 years we have never tested any of our products on animals – we only test our products on people and after 50 years we have proven that our products work and deliver the results. Our products are formulated to balance with the correct pH of the skin.

All of our products are all Paraben free. We do not use ingredients such as artificial colours or fragrances and well as other known irritants which can sensitize the skin, including alcohols, formaldehyde, petrochemicals, or phthalates alongside other ingredients that can be comodegenic (pore blocking). Our products contain active ingredients that are beyond cosmetic, they work deeper than the upper layer of skin giving highly effective results.

Our skincare is both used and sold by trained qualified therapists worldwide who will analyse the skin first and only prescribe products suitable for the skin type and current condition. As we change our skin changes so choosing and using the correct products is vital to maintaining great skin and achieving great results.

We use tamper evident packaging as much as possible, alongside contamination free packaging. All of our packaging can also be recycled after use. Our products are manufactured in small batches so that the active ingredients can be included to ensure purity and freshness in every batch, without the products sitting in the warehouse for months before we sell them. We are also proud that every product holds the Eve Taylor signature - as this is your guarantee that the products you have purchased are some of the best products in the world.'

(Eve Taylors products are also almost all vegan friendly, with a few exceptions due to the use of honey and beeswax, please call us with any questions on products if this is of any concern)

Check our pricing page for the list of Eve Taylor facials we offer.

click here to view the product brochure  

Express Prescriptive Facial £30

Luxury Prescriptive Facial  £45
ET Modern Man Facial  £45 
Add LED 15min session £15


This deep exfoliating treatment is suitable for most skin types. It gives you a bright glowing complexion, reduces acne scarring, breakouts, uneven skin texture, pigmentation, fine lines & wrinkles and stretch marks. Zero recovery time. Best results are seen with a course of weekly treatments. 

With each weekly treatment we can increase the intensity and work deeper into the layers of skin, re surfacing, smoothing and lifting pigmentation. To increase the results even further we combined this with Fusion skincare products, based on aesthetic medicine with pharmaceutical grade ingredients. 


Express Facial £39

30mins, double cleanse, fusion skin peel, treatment, tone, hyaluronic moisturiser & SPF50

Course of 3 £105

Course of 6 £195

Luxury Facial £60

60mins as express + tailored Fusion meso solutions, hyaluronic cryo-cooling mask, hand & arm massage, hyaluronic moisturiser and SPF50


Express Microdermabrasion Back Treatment £45

30mins, double cleanse, fusion skin peel, treatment, tone, hyaluronic moisturiser.

Course of 3 £120

Course of 6 £225


This treatment uses a scalpel to exfoliate removing the outer layers of dead dry skin and "peach fuzz" hairs from your face. Leaving your skin fresh, bright and smooth, whilst allowing better penetration of facial serums & creams. After this treatment your make-up will glide on with ease and sit perfectly.

There's no down time and suits most skin types. To increase the results even further we combined this with Fusion skincare products, based on aesthetic medicine with pharmaceutical grade ingredients.

Express Dermaplaning Facial £39

30mins, double cleanse, fusion skin peel, treatment, tone, hyaluronic moisturiser & SPF50

Luxury Dermaplaning Facial £60

60mins as express + tailored Fusion meso solutions, hyaluronic cryo-cooling mask, hand & arm massage, hyaluronic moisturiser and SPF50

LED Light Therapy 

LED Light Therapy stimulates skin cells at a deeper level with no invasive treatments. Increasing production of collagen and elastins, killing bacteria & renewing the skin. Most commonly used for treating acne, speeding up the healing process after an invasive treatment like microneedling, calming sensitive skin, rosacea, eczema and more. this makes it a great add on or stand alone facial for all skin types, as frequently as 3x a week is required for the fastest results. To increase the results even further we combined this with Fusion skincare products, based on aesthetic medicine with pharmaceutical grade ingredients.

 LED Light Therapy Facial

double cleanse, Fusion skin peel, meso soloution, LED, hyaluronic moisturiser & SPF50

30mins £35

Course of 3 £95

Course of 6 £175

60mins £55

Course of 3 £150

Course of 6 £275

ADD ON  LED Light Therapy £15

15mins LED treatment added on to any other facial or advanced skincare treatment.

Microneedling & Meso Therapy 

Also known as collagen induction therapy this is one of the most effective skin treatments available. It significantly improves the appearance of acne scars, ageing and sun damaged skin, lines & wrinkles, pigmentation and stretch marks. Controlled shallow piercing of the skin using a specialist needling pen causes natural collagen and elastin production to increase. 

We combine this with fractional mesotherapy, as the channels created by the needles allows deep penetration of the Fusion mesotherapy solutions we can further increase your results get the pharmaceutical grade ingredients right down into the dermal layer. 

Get ready for a bright and youthful new you! significant results on deeper scarring and stretch marks can be seen after a course of treatments, some improvement can be seen from the first appointment.

Basic Microneeding Facial £75

An Express basic micro-needling only facial. Inc cleanse, microneedling with Hyaluronic Acid Serum, moisturise & SPF

Deeper needling required for effective results compared to microneedling & meso therapy combined. Perfect for a no fuss all over treatment with no specific target areas 

Micro-needling & Meso Therapy Facial

Double cleanse, Fusion skin peel, treatment with tailored Fusion meso solutions, cryo-cooling mask, hyaluronic moisturiser & SPF50

Radiant Glow £95

Single Treatment

Acne & Oil Control £105

Course of 4 £315

Hydration Boost £95

Course of 4 £285

Acne Scaring & Pigmentation £105

Course of 4 £315

Pigmentation & Sun Spots £95

Course of 4 £285

Lines & Wrinkles £95

Course of 4 £285

Contour & Lift £105

Course of 4 £315

Add LED Light Therapy £15

per treatment


Cleanse, treatment with tailored Fusion meso solutions, PCC moisturiser.

Stretch Mark or Scars £95

30min session

Course of 4 £285

Treatments are tailored using a range of meso solutions, occasionally an additional solution may be recommended at an extra cost during consultation, depending on your skin needs and your desired results. You can choose to continue with the set the set price and treatment or upgrade to the recommended tailored treatment.


Skincare Treatment Packages

With such a wide range of advanced skincare treatments available, we have created the ultimate 6 week skin journey plan to give you the best results with a combination of different specialist techniques. Working on the upper and lower layers of the skin, incorporating advanced LED light therapy. 3 appointments at 2 weekly intervals.

If you have a special event coming up soon and need results now, then take a look at Skin Perfect, our fast track to skin perfection.

 My Skin Journey


1st Visit:

Microneedling & Fractional Meso Therapy inc LED Light Therapy

2nd Visit, 2 weeks later:

Triple Acid Skin Peel + 30min LED Light Therapy Facial

3rd Visit 2 weeks later:

Luxury Dermaplaning or Microdermabrasion inc LED Light Therapy

(Saving of £40 compared to booking each app individually)

Skin Perfect


A single appointment, approximately 90mins

Double cleanse, Fusion skin peel, dermaplaning, full face microneedling & fractional mesotherapy, tailored meso solutions, LED light therapy with cryo cooling mask, relaxing hand & arm massage, Hyaluronic Moisturiser, SPF50

(saving of £30 compared to booking each app individually)