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This deep exfoliating treatment is suitable for most skin types. It gives you a bright glowing complexion, reduces acne scarring, breakouts, uneven skin texture, pigmentation, fine lines & wrinkles and stretch marks. Zero recovery time. Best results are seen with a course of weekly treatments. With each weekly treatment we can increase the intensity and work deeper into the layers of skin, re surfacing, smoothing and lifting pigmentation. 


Express Facial £37

30mins, cleanse, treatment, tone, moisturise & SPF

Course of 3 £90

Course of 6 £175

Luxury Facial £50

50mins as express + Hyluronic serum, pressure point massage, hyrdrating masque, hand & arm massage. 


Express Microdermobrasion Back Treatment £42

30mins, cleanse, treatment, tone, moisturise.

Course of 3 £114

Course of 6 £210

Luxury Back Treatment £55

50mins as express + clearing serum and masque and hand and arm massage. 

Stretch Mark Treatmen

30mins, cleanse, treatment, specialist serum and toning moisturiser.

Appointments can be taken 7-10 days apart. 

Course of 3 £114

Course of 6 £210