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Also known as collagen induction therapy this is one of the most effective skin treatments available. It significantly improves the appearance of acne scars, ageing and sun damaged skin, lines & wrinkles, pigmentation and stretch marks. Controlled shallow piercing of the skin using a specialist needling pen allows deep penetration of topical treatment serums. Get ready for a bright and youthful new you! significant results on deeper scarring and stretch marks can be seen after a course of treatments, however great improvement can be seen from the first appointment.


Full Face £75

Double cleanse, treatment, pure Hyluronic Acid, soothing masque, moisturiser & SPF. 

Course of 3 £200

Full Face Inc LED Light Therapy £90

Course of 3 £245


Small Taget Area £45

Course of 3 £120

Stretch Mark Session £95

Course of 3 £250