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Nail Services

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Nail Extensions 

Nail extensions should enhance your own natural nails. They should give you extra length, strength and shape, without being thick and unnatural looking, or causing damage. An electric file will never be used on your natural nails.

You can have a range of finishes, clear acrylic or hard gel finished with a gel polish colour, nude coloured acrylic or hard gel  that be finished without polishing, sculpted French finish or nail art built with colours and glitters. If you have something specific in mind then either give us a ring to discuss as we may need extra time or a specific member of staff, or send us a PM on Facebook where you can also send us any pictures of ideas you like the look of. Nail biters can also have a lovely elegant set of nails with nail extensions, again, please give us a call or PM via Facebook so we can discus the severity and the condition of your nails before booking as we may need to book more time out, and discuss what is possible for your first appointment.

Acrylic Dip Nails

Cuccio Pro Powder Polish utilises new technology to produce a fantastic way of applying permanent colour to the nail and offers a great alternative to gel polish. The application uses specially formulated, medical grade adhesive gel with state of the art brush on activator and very finely milled acrylic powders to create beautiful nails that last up to 21 days. Cuccio Powder Polish offers a choice of solid colour application, glitters and flawless French manicure styles. If nail extensions feel too heavy or bulky for you, or you struggle with lifting, but gel polish is not strong enough then this is the perfect in-between ! it can be applied to your natural nail length or over tips for extra length.

Cuccio Veneer Gel Polish

We use and love Cuccio Veneer gel polishes, they are generally tougher than hybrid polishes as it is a true gel formulation, providing up to 21 days wear on fingernails, 4-6 weeks on toes. Some clients require a very light buffing of the natural nails just to remove the shine which helps the product to adhere to the nail plate. They cause no damage when applied, looked after and removed correctly and they have a super adhesive product called fuse which is fab for those clients that struggle to keep polishes on without peeling and chipping. Follow our aftercare advice for long lasting results and healthy nails. Choose any one of our 200+ colours and a huge range of glitters, foils, stamping and hand painted designs. 

Healthy Nails Programme

A prescriptive 6-8 week program designed for nail biters and very damaged nails, this program is to help you break the habit of biting and bring your nails into great condition. Using Cuccio Veneer gel polish, cuticle oil and a little care & attention.

1st Appointment: Full consultation, Cuccio Veneer gel polish nails, aftercare advice given and cuticle oil that will be refilled at each appointment for daily use at home.

2nd Appointment, 1 week later: Removal, re-assessment of nails and Cuccio Veneer gel polish nails.

3rd Appointment, 1 week -10days later: Removal, re-assessment of nails and Cuccio Veneer gel polish nails.

4th Appointment, around 10days later: Removal, re-assessment of nails and Cuccio Veneer gel polish nails.

5th Appointment, 10-14days later: Removal, final consultation & your cuticle oil refilled for continued home care use.


The first treatment of its kind, this penetrative, toughening system works inside the nail instead of sitting on top. IBX fuses the layers in the upper portion of the nail plate, locking itself within the nail and never needed a removal. Perfect for weak peeling nails and nails that have been badly damaged due to excessive filing and poor removal of products. IBX can be worn alone, or under CND Shellac, Cuccio Veneer and Cuccio Colour

Cuccio Colour Polish

A traditional polish from Cuccio, and also a range of nail strengthening treatments, base coats and top coats for the needs of different nails. We have a huge selection of these colours. They also match the Cuccio Veneer colours which means if you like gel polish on your fingers but a standard polish on your toes you can have the matching colour! Also we have a huge selection available to purchase for use at home, especially handy if you have a long gap between appointments due to work or a holiday you can take away the matching colour to touch up if needed! Don't forget your open toe shoes. 

Cuccio Naturale Spa Mani & Pedi

The Cuccio Naturale spa range was created to take standard manicure and pedicure services to the next level. This luxurious range has been formulated using only the best, high-quality ingredients to ensure your satisfaction time after time as you see the benefits from the treatments we offer. Many of the products are also suitable for the body such as their award-winning butter blends, and are available to purchase to maintain your results at home. You’ll feel relaxed and refreshed when you experience these superior products and a luxurious spa experience that enhances skin. With a choice of collections you can choose your products then sit back and relax whilst we expertly condition your nails, hands and lower arms. Finished with Cuccio Colour Polish, or upgrade to Cuccio Veneer Gel Polish.

Do you suffer from hard, thick calluses? Our Luxury Spa Pedicure includes the extra, professional strength AHA serum used to break down hard callouses, you’ll feel like you’re walking on clouds.

• MILK & HONEY – soothing and moisturising

• POMEGRANATE & FIG – anti-aging and revitalising

• WHITE LIMETTA & ALOE VERA – soothing and stimulating

• VANILLA BEAN & SUGAR – calming and conditioning

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