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Special Offers 

Pop back here regularly to see what special offers or limited time treatments we have on offer.

Scroll down through the pictures for info.

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New for Summer !  

Coming soon...…. Dermaplaning, LED Light Therapy and Microneedling

check back for more info.. 

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Something for Spring  available from 21st March

Spring is the perfect time to reset and refresh your body, skin & mind. The days are getting longer and brighter at last ! Use the extra hours in your day for a bit of me time.

Spring Detox Pedicure £38

Our most popular Luxury Pedicure, using Cuccio's refreshing White Limetta & Aloe range. Enjoy the new specialist detoxifying soak & massage. Releasing toxins & water through the 500,000 sweat glands on our feet will leave you relaxed and relieved. Inc Cuccio Heel Cream to take home worth £7.

Smooth for Spring  £45

Time to preen & prune, this waxing package will leave you feeling fresh & seriously smooth. Did you know that just 3, monthly waxing appointments will get your hair in a great growth cycle for minimum, barely noticeable regrowth between appointments by summer !

Choose any 3 areas for £45

Brazilian, Hollywood, G String, High Bikini, 3/4 legs, 1/2 legs, Full arms, Half arms, Full Back, Underarms, Full face

To book one of these amazing spring treatments just call us on 0161 637 3130 or book online here 

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Body Confidence 

 Confidence in ourselves and being comfortable in our own bodies can have such a big impact on our day to day lives. It can be the difference between taking that opportunity, or sitting on the sidelines lettings thing pass you by. If you have any concerns not covered below then feel free to request a consultation for treatment recommendations and things you can do at home.

Make 2020 your time to shine! 

Thighs, Bum, Hips & Tum

This course of treatments uses a combination of treatments and products designed to rapidly tighten and tone the skin, reducing stretch marks, loose skin & cellulite. Leaving you feeling confident with a smooth toned appearance. 2 body areas. Includes home care. Course of 3 £274 Course of 6 £479

Back Acne Treatment 

This treatment course is perfect for all, using microdermabrasion to lift scaring and pigmentation, regulate oil production, smooth the skin texture and boost your confidence, no more hiding in the changing rooms and t-shirts on by the pool! Includes homecare products. Course of 3 £137.50 Course of 6 £237.50

Healthy Nails 

A prescriptive 6-8 week program designed for nail biters and damaged nails, to help you break the habit of biting and bring your nails into great condition. No More hiding your hands ! Includes home care. Course of 5 treatments £90

To book call us on 0161 637 3130 or book online here 

What our customers are saying

Liv is a natural you'd think she'd been doing them for ages (Eve Taylor Facials). Her people skills are also good. She introduced herself asked questions and ensured I completed the questionnaire card. Very satisfied customer. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Janice -  Salon client